30 minutes to a LinkedIn reboot

30 minutes to a LinkedIn reboot

Take a look at your LinkedIn profile photo. Is it a recent photo of you? Is it blurry? Are there other people in the photo with you? Is it a cropped, pixelated phone upload? Can you tell it’s even YOU?
First impressions count more than ever in a digital world. Humans are wired to make snapjudgements about others based solely on their appearance. So when Tammy came to me wanting a new profile picture for LinkedIn to WOW prospective employers, it was super important to get the look, the image and the story right.
We met at a chic little coffee shop and homewares store in North Brisbane. Its texture, colours, lights and warehouse style made a perfect backdrop for a “Corporate Casual” look. Professional yet personal. C-level meets your level.

Tammy's Headshot session was held at The Soul Pantry cafe in Stafford, Brisbane
Tammy’s Headshot session was held at The Soul Pantry cafe in Stafford, Brisbane

But the session didn’t stop there with scroll-stopping headshots!
LinkedIn introduced a new “background” feature a while a ago so the user can further personalise their profile to reinforce their brand, their colours or their story. So it was a mini styled shoot next, with some props and Tammy’s job hunting toolkit, to get her an image that not only matched her profile picture but reinforced her personal brand.

Tammy’s new LinkedIn profile and Background!

And the end result? Tammy not only had a new professional looking profile picture to show prospective employees her professional style but also a personalised background to suit her her story. All specially sized and cropped for LinkedIn. An ultra quick update so she can get on with her job hunt…. and all within 30 minutes.